Rollsigns from Thunder Bay, ON
Historically, the city of Thunder Bay began as the City of Fort William (to the southwest) and the town of Port Arthur (to the
northeast). In 1891, the town of Port Arthur commissioned the construction of a street railway. It began operation on March 2,
1892. Also in 1892, an omnibus operator, owned by McDonald and Company, began service in the City of Fort William to connect
to the service provided in Port Arthur. On June 1, 1893, Port Arthur's street railway service was extended to the City of Fort
William. The City of Fort William began to build it's own street railway lines and acquired the lines of Port Arthur's system that
operated within Fort William's city limits. On March 11, 1908, the systems and operations were paired, and by 1909 the system
was known as the Port Arthur and Fort William Railway. This combined system continued to operate until November 30, 1913,
when their coexistence ceased. Services continued to operate independently in their respective cities as the Port Arthur Municipal
Railway and the Fort William Street Railway. By the end of 1947, the renamed Port Arthur Civic Railway began to construct trolley
coach lines to replace their streetcar lines, and by 1948, streetcar service was discontinued. (In 1949, the system was operated
under the Port Arthur Public Utilities Commission, and was known as Port Arthur Transit.) Also in 1948, the Fort William Transit
Company began to operate trolley coach service, with an interlined route connecting with Port Arthur's service. The twin city's
service continued to operate joint trolley coach service, providing buses from both systems until 1955. Service was reintegrated
on October 1, 1969, and the services in Port Arthur and Fort William were formally merged to create Thunder Bay Transit on
January 1, 1970. Trolley Coach operation was discontinued in 1972, but bus service continues to provide service to this date.
This mylar side route sign is
from 1994 built NewFlyer
D40-LF #111. It is dated
November 4, 1994 and has
35 exposures. Its sign tag is
shown below.
This mylar side route sign
is from 1978 built GMC
T6H-5307N #195. It is
dated July 27, 1990 and
has 36 exposures. Its
sign tag is shown below.
JULY 27, 1990
OUR REF: 4559
D5607-MA SGL. SIDE  111268
11/4/94 TRANSIGN