Rollsigns from Bloomington, IN
This mylar front destination sign is from their 2001
built Ford E450 cutaway bus #0136. It has no print
date. The sign has 34 exposures.

The image of the rollsign was drawn to the same
scale as the others on Rollsign Gallery.
In 1982, Bloomington City Council voted to create a Public Transportation Corporation.
Bloomington Transit became the 8th P.T.C. to be created in Indiana.

Over the years, its fleet has consisted of TMC CityCruisers, Blue Birds, Orion I buses, Flxibles, Orion II buses,
NovaBus RTS buses, Gillig Phantoms, Gillig Advantage low floors, and various Ford model buses.
Hover your
mouse over
each exposure
(on a computer)
or tap on each
exposure (on a
smart phone)
to enlarge it.

The fonts on
the actual
rollsign are very
thin and tiny.
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electronic sign list page.
Ford E450 bus #0136, seen displaying the rollsign shown here, is
parked at the Bloomington Transit yard on June 9, 2009. This bus
was retired and sold to a scrap yard since this photo was taken.