Rollsigns from Evansville, IN
Public transportation in Evansville dates back to 1866, with the Evansville Railroad Co. providing service until 1886.
Then, the Evansville Street Railway Co. operated service until 1901. From 1901 to 1920, streetcar and interurban
service changed hands frequently, with service provided by the Evansville Electric Railway Co., the Evansville &
Southern Indiana Traction Co., and the Public Utinities Co. (first operated under the Commonwealth Power Railway &
Light Co. name, then the Commonwealth & Southern Corp. name). In 1920, the Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Co.
took over service, operating under the Commonwealth Power Railway & Light Co. until 1929, and then under the
Commonwealth & Southern Corp. name until 1948. During this time, streetcars were discontinued in 1939. In June of
1948, Terre Haute Transit Inc. filed a charter with the Indiana Public Service Commission to operate in Evansville. This
company was a Terre Haute subsidiary, already chartered in Indiana. The system operated under the name Evansville
City Coach Lines Inc. until March 1959, when operations changed hands once again. The Evansville City Transit
system continued operations until 1971, when the current Metropolitan Evansville Transit System was incoporated.
METS continued to operate solely within city limits until 1998, when a major expansion of service was implemented,
and routes were expanded to include areas outside Evansville city limits, and more frequent and later service.
This mylar rollsign set was retrieved from
Evansville METS 1981 built TMC CityCruiser
#100 (of the fleet number series 100 to 130,
even numbers only)

The front rollsign (left) is dated March 15, 1981
and the side rollsign (right) is dated March 13,
1981, making it highly likely these signs were
the only ones to occupy this bus.

Each sign has 21 exposures. Their respective
sign tags are shown below.
Evansville METS 1981 built TMC CityCruiser #100 (serial number
1TUBBT581BR000574), seen displaying the rollsigns shown here, as
it was found on a farm property near Otwell, Indiana, October 29, 2011.
3/15/81 TRANSIGN