Rollsigns from Lafayette, IN
This mylar front destination sign was designed for
one of their Highway Products Twin Coach buses. It is
dated February 22, 1977 and has 19 exposures.

Its sign tag reads as follows:

2/22/77 TRANSIGN
In 1970 the privately owned Greater Lafayette Bus Company abruptly ceased operations and the City of
Lafayette assumed operations of the transit routes. Since the system's routes operated in both Lafayette and
the City of West Lafayette, a funding arrangement was created that allowed the use of property tax revenue
from both cities, in addition to funding from the federal government and the State of Indiana. Greater Lafayette
Public Transportation Corporation (GLPTC) was formed to operate transit service in the two cities and some
surrounding areas of Tippecanoe County. In 1998, GLPTC began using the name CityBus.
CityBus is a contracted partner with Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College for public
transportation services. The agreement is called an "unlimited access" agreement because it gives students,
faculty, and staff unlimited, fare-free access to the CityBus system.
Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation Highway
Products Twin Coach bus #212, the model bus that would have
housed this rollsign, is seen along with about a dozen other H.P.
Twins at a yard near Frankfort, Indiana, September 16, 2013.