Rollsigns from Richmond, IN
"Rose View Transit"
This mylar front destination sign is from
Ford Econoline-350 bus #204. It is dated
November 24, 1986, and has 12

Its sign tag reads as follows:

11/24/86 TRANSIGN
Former Rose View Transit (Richmond, IN) Ford Econoline
350 #204 as it was discovered in a Bloomington, Indiana
area salvage yard on November 20, 2008.
In the early years public transportation in Richmond had several changes in service providers. It began with horse car
service operated by the Richmond City Railroad Co. in the late 1800's. The Richmond City Electric Street Railway Co.
took over operations on September 6, 1889, and ran service until only 1895. From then the Richmond City Traction Co.
continued service for another short time, until 1901. The Richmond Street & Interurban Railway Co. operated the next six
years, until 1907. Finding a period of stability, the Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Co. provided continued
service for 23 years, from 1907 to 1930. The service once again changed hands for a short time, being operated by
Dayton & Western from 1930 to 1936. The service was transferred once again, and operated by the Indiana Railroad until
1942, during which time streetcar service was discontinued in 1938. The area saw its second period of transit stability,
when Richmond City Lines (a division of the Indana Railroad/Wesson Co.) operated continuous service from 1942 to
1973. Operations today are provided by Rose View Transit, a department of the City of Richmond.
This City of Richmond Transit Authority
(CORTA) mylar front destination sign is
from a van style bus The sign has no
print date, and appears to be home
made. It has 11 exposures.

A photo of the vehicle and the sign still
inside it are featured below.

This rollsign was graciously donated
to Rollsign Gallery by Peter Huffman.
This is the former City of Richmond Transit Authority van
style bus that housed this rollsign, as seen at a scrap yard
southwest of Richmond, Indiana on December 29, 2017.
(Photo by Peter Huffman. Used with permission.)
An image of the rollsign still in the van style bus, prior to its removal.
(Photo by Peter Huffman. Used with permission.)