Rollsigns from Warsaw, IN
This mylar front destination sign was off bus #893,
a Ford E350 with a Supreme Corporation body. The
original sign is dated February 2, 1989. The three
colored route names were added in around the
Summer of 1993, when fixed route service was
introduced. The sign has 17 exposures. The This
system has shut down since this sign was printed.

Its sign tag reads as follows:

NO.013-1515-700 SGL. FRT.
Former City of Warsaw bus #893 as it was found at a scrap yard with an
unnumbered sister coach, on the city's west side, in December of 2001.
Public transportation to the area of Warsaw was first provided by Winona
Interurban Railway Co. in 1906. Operations continued until 1945, with
streetcar service being discontinued in 1938. Local service didn't resume
until 1952, when the Warsaw & Winona Bus Corp. began operating a
private service. The current operator, Kosciusko Area Bus Service
(KABS) commenced service in 1979, serving the city of Warsaw, and
surrounding communities within Kosciusko County. In the Summer of
1993, a fixed route system was introduced in the city with three routes.
The fixed route service was short lived, and was discontinued in the
Summer of 1995. In the mid 2000's, the system changed it's name to City
Bus, but later reverted it back to KABS. They continue to operate
door-to-door service (no fixed route service) to this date.
The map shown to the right features the three fixed routes that
operated in Warsaw, Indiana from the Summer of 1993 to the
Summer of 1995. It was compiled with the gracious assistance
and recollections of veteran Kosciusko Area Bus Service
(KABS) bus drivers Sandy Sandoval and Ed Handziak.

It should be noted that this map is based off Google Maps
showing the roads that existed in Warsaw in 2018. Some of the
roads shown may be different or may not have existed in 1993.