Rollsigns from Westchester County, NY
This Westchester County Dept. of Transportation "Bee Line" front route and
destination mylar rollsign was designed for one of their 1978 built GMC RTS
buses. The print date of the sign would have been at the top of the sign, but it
was torn off. From research, it was determined to be from the late 1970s,
possibly making it one of the first signs to occupy those RTS buses. The
rollsign has 54 exposures.
This very unique Westchester Bee Line bus "rollsign" is actually a demonstrator
piece created by Multilite, to show their officials an example of the products and
services they offered. The demo sign is roughly 1/7th the size of a standard bus
rollsign, being only 27 inches long and just 7 5/8 inches wide. The piece itself
has no print date, but is likely from the early 1980s. It has 20 exposures.
(Information assistance provided by Steven Rein.)