Rollsigns from Cardinal Buses Inc.
The Shoup Family - Middlebury, Indiana
This mylar rollsign was retrieved from a private owned GMC
PD-4905 (serial #116) highway coach, which was ex Voyageur
Colonial (Ottawa, Ontario) #2534.

Although the rollsign does have a sign tag, it was cut off, so the
print date of the sign is unknown. The rollsign has 23 exposures.

The image of this sign has been drawn virtually perfect to scale.
What there is of its sign tag is shown below.
Former Shoup/Cardinal Buses Inc. 1970 built GMC PD-4905 (serial
#116) highway coach (ex Voyageur Colonial Lines, Ottawa, Ontario
#2534), still showing the rollsign featured to the left, is seen at
Rockford Barn Inc. on McKinley Hwy. at Dogwood Rd. in
Mishawaka, Indiana, June 17, 2007.
In 1923, Branston Shoup purchased the Middlebury Bus Line, which consisted of a five-passenger Model T touring car just
big enough to service a route between the towns of Middlebury and Goshen, Indiana. Shoup expanded the business soon
after to include service to the tiny villages of Shipshewana and Topeka. Rail service, which was an important link between
towns in those days, had been cut back, so there was plenty of demand for Shoup's service. His passengers consisted of
small-town and rural citizens, and particularly members of the region's Amish population. The service expanded over the
years, with the addition of other vehicles and eventually additional charter bus services that include bus trips to Chicago
and other popular destinations. Shoup's son John grew up in the business, driving buses as early as age 15 and learning
everything about their repair and maintenance. Upon Branston's death in 1953, John Shoup took over the bus company. In
1954, he and his wife Margaret expanded into the charter bus business with the purchase of Cardinal Buses. Their charter
bus company continued to expand, with new vehicles and ever-larger staff. For many years, the company also operated
scheduled bus trips to Chicago's airports from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. In 1998, the Shoup group of charter bus
companies was sold to a national bus consolidation company. However, in 2001, the Shoup family bought back the rights
to the operations in their hometown of Middlebury, Indiana, as well as those in Holland, Michigan. So today, the proud
name of Cardinal Buses, Inc., is rolling down the highway, providing quality, professional charter bus services.
The system history with information from the Cardinal Buses Inc. website:

(The rest of the sign tag was cut off)