Rollsigns from
Colorado Transportation Co.
The Puppet Prospectors, Inc. Crown Coach (ex Colorado Transprtation Co.) is
pictured at a yard on State Road M-60 east of Homer, MI., December 12, 2007.
This linen rollsign is likely from an intercity system from the Denver / Boulder
area, with destinations that appear to concentrate along the US-87 / US-287
corridor. Only these six exposures of the Colorado Transportation Co. linen
rollsign were salvageable. It was left signed up "SPECIAL", and over the years,
it appears the rest of the linen sign suffered from repeated exposure to water
turning the rest of the sign into a mushy linen paste.
The sign's print date is March 29, 1955. It's sign tag is shown below.
Special thanks to Joe Koldys of Columbus, Ohio for assistance in identifying this rollsign's origin.