Rollsigns from Greyhound Bus Lines
U.S.A - Canada
This mylar "Master" front sign was retrieved from MCI 102A3 #2875. It is dated December 18, 1985. It has
143 exposures. The image if this sign has been drawn virtually perfect to scale. It's sign tag is seen, below.
P.O. B120172
12/18/85 TRANSIGN
Retired Greyhound Bus Lines MCI
102A3 #2875 is seen at a refurbishing
and scrap yard, on W. 9th Ave. beside
the State Rd. 912 / Cline Ave.
expressway (west of Colfax St., north
of 15th Ave.) in Gary, Indiana, March
17, 2009. This was the vehicle that
housed this rollsign.
This linen rollsign was recovered from the
Greyhound 'Scenicruiser' (GMC PD-4501)
seen in the photograph below. Based off the
handwritten notes from when it was made, it
is dated June 22, 1964, is from either bus
#5560 or #5458, and is possibly from a Los
Angeles based garage. The notes are shown in
the pictures below. The sign has 19 exposures.
<= When printed, they accidentally misspelled
Images of the handwritten notes
at the end of the rollsign.
This Greyhound GMC PD-4501 'Scenicruiser', still displaying the
rollsign shown here, is seen parked at a residence on West 3rd St. /
US-35, west of Dayton, Ohio.
Photographed on March 20, 2012.
5 4 5 8
B U S   5 5 6 0
P O O L   2 5 5
N O . L A .
J U N E   2 2 - 6 4
A . W . @