Rollsigns from Keeshin Charter Service
(Coach USA) -  Chicago, Illinois
This mylar front destination rollsign is off an MCI MC-8. Now
privately owned, the bus was originally delivered to Keeshin Charter
Service on Jannuary 4, 1978 and given the fleet number 922 (photo
and builder's plate are shown below), however the rollsign has no
print date. The rollsign has 25 exposures., which includes welcome
messages in several languages.

The image of the sign was drawn virtually perfect to scale.
"WELCOME" in German =>
"WELCOME" in French =>
Loosely translates to "PLEASE COME"
or "WELCOME" in Japanese
"WELCOME" in Swedish =>
"THANK YOU" in Spanish =>
English =>
The origins of Keeshin Charter Service date back to Jack Keeshin. In 1915, when he was just 15 years old, Jack dropped out of
school. He borrowed money from his father to purchase two horses and a delivery wagon and started his own business, delivering
for the markets in downtown Chicago. It was so successful, soon after he was able to pay back his father, and purchase a second
horse team and wagon. In the years after his business expanded. By 1933, Jack had replaced the horse drawn wagons for trucks.
His expanded Keeshin Motor Express had grown to have trucking terminals in many major cities across the United States, and by
1935, had teamed up with the Rock Island Railroad to offer piggyback service on flatbed rail cars, a new concept at the time.
In October 1955, Keeshin got into passenger transportation with the Railroad Transfer Services, Inc. division of the business. This
service provided transport for people travelling between the seven railroad stations in Chicago. That service eventually evolved into
what is today Keeshin Charter Service, Inc. In June 1958, Jack Keeshin hired his son, Paul A. Keeshin. Keeshin Charter Service,
Inc. was officially started in August  1960, and in January 1971, Jack Keeshin transferred ownership of the company to his son,
Paul, who continues to run the business today. Currently, Keeshin Charter Service Inc. operates three locations and two divisions.