Rollsigns from Music Mann Travel Association
London, Ontario
This mylar front route rollsign is off one of the Music Mann MCI MC-8
coaches, serial number S12265-32217. After the bus's retirement, it
travelled to Florida, where it served for the church group "Christians In
Action". At some point it must have ran for a company called Continental
Air Transport Inc., as their D.O.T. sticker images can still be seen on the
side of the bus. Finally, it made its way to Columbia City, Indiana, under the
ownership of the Columbia City United Methodist Church. After
manufacturing a replacement sign for the church, I was able to exchange it
for this one, being surprised to still find the Ontario carrier's sign in the bus!
Photographed below is the bus with this original sign in it, at the Columbia
City (Indiana) United Methodist Church. It was taken on December 19,
2003.The sign's print date is June 18, 1979, and it has 24 exposures.
6/18/79 TRANS GN
Music Mann Travel Association has operated a number of buses in their history,
including GMCs Prevosts and MCIs (the most common in their fleet). The last new
bus they purchased was in 1982. It is unknown if this carrier still operates today.
The image of the sign was drawn virtually perfect to scale.
Its sign tag reads as follows: