Rollsigns from Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan
This rollsign was recovered from 1967 built, GMC SDM-4502 (serial number 135) #558, a 35 foot suburban new look. The bus was
found at a scrap yard off US Highway 131 near Three Rivers, MI. The bus had been there for many years, and the sign had taken a
lot of abuse. When I tried to salvage it, in April of 2006, the sign was in well over 300 pieces. Due to limited time, I managed to
salvage as much as I could from what was scattered inside the bus, and from outside around the front of the bus.

When I returned two weeks later to resume my salvage efforts, the bus had been removed for scrap. What is seen in these
photos is the sign's reassembly after over 100 hours of work.

The sign is dated May 4, 1967. if it were complete, it would have 23 exposures. Rather than attempting to
draw the signs, like the others on the site, photographs were taken, instead (left and lower left). A photo of
it's main sign tag is seen below. Both their sign tags are typed below:
TS-41640 5/4/67
(as photographed below)
Retired Western Michigan University GMC SDM-4502 (serial #135)
#558 as it was discovered at a scrap yard in Three Rivers, Michigan,
March 30, 2006. The photo shows how badly damaged the sign was,
hanging out of the front sign box and with pieces of it on the ground.