Rollsigns from British Columbia
Oakridge Garage opened in the 1940s as it was home to the Brill trolley buses when new.
Oakridge shut down around 2004 to 2005 when it turned into a site for New Flyer to use
for a pre delivery site and for Translink to scrap buses from.

(Historical information provided by Ken Baker.)
This mylar side destination sign was
printed for one of Vancouver's 4100 series
MCI Classic 'Suburban' buses. It is dated
April 8, 1991 and has 68 exposures that
include the black blanks at each end.
Its sign tag is shown below.
Oakridge Garage, Vancouver, BC
P.O.NO. 0G01338GCC
G5005520 D5613-MA SINGLE
MCI Classic Suburban #V4151, displaying a side sign of the same type
shown here, is seen parked at Oakridge Garage on July 1, 1999.
(Photo by Ken Baker. Used with permission.)
The inside of MCI Classic Suburban #V4151, parked at Oakridge
Garage on July 1, 1999. What made them suburban was the
upholstered seats and reading lights. In addition, all BC Transit MCI's
all had rear doors, however the suburbans had a single width exit door
versus the double width exit doors the transit configuration buses had.
(Photo by Ken Baker. Used with permission.)