Rollsigns from Massachusetts
Cape Ann, Mass. (Gloucester, Lanesville, Beverly, and area)
The Cape Ann Transportation Authority (CATA) was established on September 4, 1974. With its hub in
Gloucester, CATA provides a variety of services in the area including local and regional fixed routes,
various shuttle routes, and on demand service within the North Shore area including Rockport,
Ipswitch, Essex,
Magnolia and Beverly, with several connector options to the Boston "T" commuter trains.
This mylar rollsign was manufactured by using thin colored
vinyl letters and cutouts to create each exposure.
The sign was
designed for one of CATA's Ford Cutaway buses.
There is no
print date on the sign. It has 18 exposures.
The actual sign
was donated to Rollsign Gallery by James Roach.
Thank you!