Rollsigns from Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Public transportation in the area of Tulsa began with the Tulsa Street Railway Company in 1905. Inaugurated with the
support of 18 private investors, the service had a solid start and added several more lines in the next 20 years. In
1926, the service was sold to United Service Company. They operated the service until 1936 during which time
streetcars were discontinued in 1928 and United Service company declared bankruptcy in 1935. The now exclusive
bus service was then transferred to National City Lines and operated under the name Tulsa City Lines. Operations
continued until 1957 when it was transferred to the Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma bus company (MK&O Lines). In
August of 1968, the Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (Tulsa Transit) was formed by the City of Tulsa as a public
trust to continue the operations of the previously private bus service, and continues to provide service to this date.
This mylar side route sign was designed
for any of their Flxible (New Look) buses,
GMC New Look buses, or AM General
Metropolitan buses.

From the split in the sign between Route 3
and Route 4, the upper section is dated
February 25, 1983 and the lower section is
dated September 26, 1984.

In its entirety, the sign has 86 exposures.
Both sign tags are shown below.
Upper Sign Tag:
P.O. 11416
2--25--83 TRANSIGN
Lower Sign Tag:
P.O. 14234
9-26-84 TRANSIGN