Rollsigns from Australia
This mylar, side lower position rollsign was likely designed one
of the 30 Mercedes Benz O305G's type buses. The exposures
represent routes from the North Sydney depot, and is one of the first
to be printed on mylar. There is no print date on the sign, though. It
is a partial rollsign, with only 27 exposures that would have been
near the middle of the roll. A full roll would have over 50 exposures.
(Special thanks to Joshua Power of New South Wales for info assistance.)
This linen side route number rollsign is from one of Brisbane's late model "Phoenix"
tram cars. These last eight cars (#547 to #554) were built in 1963 / 1964 after the fire
at the Paddington Depot on September 28, 1962, where 65 older cars, about 1/3 of
the fleet, were destroyed. They were called the Phoenix cars to pay homage to the
system's rise from the fire, as some of the newer cars' components were salvaged
from the older cars. The tram system's resurrection didn't last long though. On April
13, 1969, the last car finished it's run and the tram system was shut down.
(Special thanks to Jim Benzie of Queensland for assisting with the historic info.)
Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane "Phoenix" tram #548, the type of car that would have housed
this side route number sign, is seen at the Sydney Tramway Museum
(acquired in 1974). Built in 1963 by Brisbane City Council after a fire a
Paddington tram depot destroyed 65 trams. One of 8 new trams were
built using salvaged and spare parts. The eight "Phoenix" trams were
the only ones in the fleet to have these side route number sign fixtures.
(Photo above from the Sydney Tramway Museum website.
The "Phoenix" logo that was on each of the last eight cars.
Sydney Mercedes Benz bus #3092 (left) is seen with another, privately
preserved. A bus similar to this would be the type to use this rollsign.

(Both photos by Joshua Power. Used with permission.)
This is how the side sign fixture looks on these buses. This rollsign
would be for the bottom-right position, where "EXPRESS" is on this one.
Sydney, Australia