Rollsign Gallery's Web Series
TRANSPORTATION TREASURES is Rollsign Gallery's new web series on YouTube!
Alot of you have asked over the years, how I get the stuff that I buy, sell and collect. Ride along as
this web series takes you behind the scenes, with me into the yards as I get this stuff. It is all RAW.
There is no production crew following me around, there's no pre-contact with location owners,
there's no multiple takes of what's filmed. Everything you see and everything I do is simply filmed
on a camera that fits in my pocket, and everything I say is "off the cuff" and ad lib.
This won't be like it is on television. You'll see everything from dud picks up to amazing finds. You'll
see extremes from going out on sunny days all the way to in the rain or in snow. You'll see picks
that are very easy, to hard core ones where there is blood, sweat, and even heat exhaustion.
"One thing I've learned in over 20 years of doing this... You never know what you'll find next!"
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Episode 01:
Introduction to the
series. Locations
in Ohio. Yards have
Marmon Herrington
trolley buses, GMC
New Looks and
other buses.
Episode 02:
Locations in Illinois
and Indiana. Yards
have older fire
trucks and off model
buses. One final
yard to be revisited.
Plus: Day Job!
Episode 03:
Locations in Illinois
and Indiana. Yards
have older fire
trucks. Revisited
yard with highway
coaches from Ep.2.
South Bend, IN
festival bus fanning.
Episode 04:
Yards and shops in
Ohio and Indiana.
School and transit
buses, fire trucks
and an Amtrak train.
Guest appearance:
Jonathan Braniff
Episode 05:
Amtrak train part 2.
Yards in Indiana and
Ohio. Railroad, GMC
New Look, Double
Decker bus, Visit to
Cincinnati Metro.
Guest appearance:
Darius Pinkston.
Episode 06:
Locations in
Indiana. Yards
have multiple
cutaways and
other off model
buses and larger
Individual Episode Guide
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Episode 07:
Yards in Michigan.
Older school buses,
license plates,
Southern Coach
buses, Reo buses,
and an old Ford bus.
Part 1 of 2.
To watch the original teaser trailer for the series, click or tap ***HERE***
BusCon 2019, Bus
manufacturer inter-
views, exhibit highlights,
then a ride along on
Indianapolis, Indiana's
new BRT line, using
BYD all electric
articulated buses.
Episode 08:
Yards in Michigan
Part 2 of 2. Dangers
in the yards! Double
decker bus, MCI
highway coach and
Freightliner transit
bus with rollsigns.
Episode 09:
Yards in Indiana and
Illinois, School buses,
highway coaches &
fixing the electronic
sign on a friend's bus.
Guest appearances:
Walter Ruiz & the late
John LeBeau.
Episode 10:
Locations in Ohio and
Michigan. Older and
modern school buses,
fire equipment, Fageol
Twin Coach, GM Old
Look and GM parlor
coach buses. (Plus,
proof time destroys all.)
Episode 11:
Locations in Indiana,
Ohio & Kentucky. MCI
MC-9s, older Nepolans,
a Gillig Phantom, and
a Cincinnati electric
trolley bus. Guest
appearance: Stephanie
R., & Orest Chemerys.
Episode 12:
Locations in southern
& southeast Michigan.
Flxible VistaLiner,
Setra Highway Coach,
GM Old Looks & New
Looks, and do I risk
getting shot asking to
enter someone's yard?
Episode 13:
Locations in Central
Michigan. "Modern"
rollsigns from a bus
rebuilder, with one
vehicle connected to
a major movie... and
what is necessary to
get what you want.
Pennsylvania Trolley
Museum - Visit the car
barn with a guided tour
by trolleyman Chris
Golofski, then ride
along on 1911 built Rio
De Janeiro Tramways
open car #1758.
Episode 14:
Locations in Michigan
and Ohio. Cardboard
signs yet again. Items
picked end up on a
major U.S. national
monument. Stuff for
my own collection too.