Vultron TransDOT
Generation 1 & 2 Fonts
Vultron's signs were one of the first electronic signs designed for mass transit
vehicles. Their first generation signs feature a 15 character display on both the
front and side, and were distinguished by their display wipe scrolling from top to
bottom when changing messages. Their Generation 2 signs introduced a full
matrix display for the front signs, which allowed for both plain and bold text.
The side signs retained the 15 character format.

This page is a directory of the fonts displayed on the Generation 2 destination
signs. Generation 1 signs just used the plain text.
F O N T S :
Operator's Dialpad Font
Generation 2 Front Sign Plain Text (also displayed on Generation 1 signs)
Generation 2 Front Sign Bold Text
1234567890 !@#$%^&*()-_=+[{]}\|;:'",<.>/?`~
Each font grid has the
characters in this pattern:
(Spaces where pattern characters should be mean
that character is not represented in the software.)