Terms of Sales: "The Transit Store" (Effective on and after March 29, 2023)

(By clicking on the "YES, I AGREE..." button below, you, the user of this service, agree to the following:
9 a. The "Terms of Sales" listed herein apply to services and/or items for sale by Rollsign Gallery and its administrator in the
site's "
Transit Store", through direct correspondence through electronic mail (e-mail), and to peer-to-peer services or sale
transactions conducted on social media websites including but not limited to websites like Facebook, Facebook Messenger,
Facebook Marketplace, and instagram.
10. By being on any webpage of Rollsign Gallery's "Transit Store", it is required by you, the user, to be aware of, and agree to, the
"Terms of Sales" contained herein. If access to
The Transit Store was achieved through an internet shortcut, search engine,
favorites list link, or any other webpage link, it is understood that you, the user, have previously read, and agreed to
The Transit
's "Terms of Sales". Ignorance of the "Terms of Sales" contained herein, will not be accepted as an excuse to file a
complaint against
Rollsign Gallery and its administrator.
8. Each and every item will be described to the best of my knowledge on every webpage of Rollsign Gallery's "Transit Store". Any
specific questions about each item must be asked before the purchase is made.
7 c. If an issue is noted within the seven (7) day period, the buyer must send a detailed description of the inadequacy. If it is
deemed legitimate, a fair and equitable resolution will be enacted, on a case - by - case basis.
7 b. All items being shipped leave here in an "intact" or "working" condition. Rollsign Gallery and it's administrator cannot be
held responsible for damage or accidends that occurr during shipping. If an item arrives in an inadequate condition, it must be
returned for inspection and/or repair, and/or replacement.
7 a. If there is a complaint regarding an item purchased, it must be filed by e-mail within seven (7) days of the product's arrival.
Otherwise the transaction will be considered acceptable and complete.
6 a. The shipping total will also include a tracking number, for the item(s) shipped. No exceptions. (This is meant as a security
feature for both
Rollsign Gallery and its administrator, and the buyer, to ensure it arrives safely.)
1. All prices are in United States dollars.
2. Shipping and processing are not included in each item's sale price. Each item's total amount will include its actual dollar
amount, plus the fee for shipping and processing, to be paid for by the buyer.
3. Payments are accepted via PayPal or certified bank draft, in United States dollars ONLY. No personal cheques/checks
accepted. Never send cash.
4. Please allow up to seven (7) days for processing and shipping.
5. E-mail contact stating which item(s) you wish to purchase must be made before any monetary transaction, so I know which
item(s) you're purchasing, and, if applicable, sizes and quantities. With the reply, you will get a final sale total, which will include
the amount for both the item(s) purchased and their respective shipping amounts. [Note: Discounts for multiple items may apply,
and if applicable, will be stated within the sale invoice.]
11. Rollsign Gallery's administrator reserves the right to amend these terms, item prices, and shipping and processing rates at
will, without notice. Once a transaction is complete, the terms in effect at the time of the sale apply to that transaction only.
12 a. Rollsign Gallery's administrator reserves the right to post the comments received regarding any transaction within the
appropriate department of the
Transit Store in the form of a "Testimonial", without any compensation to the author of the
comment. Within any posted testimonial, NO full surnames, street addresses or other personal contact information (phone
numbers or e-mail addresses) will be posted unless prior authorization from the buyer is obtained.
6 b. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they have a secure location to receive any shipped packages. Once it is shown
through the package's tracking number that a package has arrived successfully, it releases
Rollsign Gallery and its administrator
from any liability and/or replacement of the item(s) shipped, as it pertains to the shipping process.
6 c. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they have supplied Rollsign Gallery a correct and valid physical mailing address
in which to ship the item(s) purchased.
Rollsign Gallery DOES NOT ship item(s) to a post office box. The buyer will be asked to
verify the address to which the item(s) will be shipped by correspondence, even if it may already appear on the buyer's PayPal
Rollsign Gallery cannot be held responsible for a misdirected purchase.
6 d (1). The shipping total will also include shipping insurance on any item(s) that are deemed fragile, delicate, or could be
easily damaged during transport. Coffee mugs and electronic devices will get mandatory insurance. Other items may get
required shipping insurance as they are added. The inclusion of mandatory shipping insurance is at the sole discression of
Rollsign Gallery and its administrator.
6 d (3). On multiple item purchases, if at least one of the items purchased is among the items deemed fragile, delicate, or could
be easily damaged during transport, shipping insurance will be added to the total value of the order at a rate based on that final
sale value, not just on the item(s) deemed fragile, delicate, or which could be easily damaged during transport
6 d (2). The buyer may request shipping insurance on any item purchased that is not included in the mandatory shipping
insurance coverage, at an additional cost to the buyer. The buyer must inform
Rollsign Gallery of said addition before any
monetary transaction takes place. The buyer may not, however, request to remove shipping insurance on any item(s) that are
deemed fragile, delicate, or could be easily during transport by
Rollsign Gallery and its administrator.
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12 b. Rollsign Gallery's administrator reserves the right to use any media shared by a buyer or prospective buyer, including but
not limited to, photos and video shared during any interaction or transaction through
Rollsign Gallery's electronic mail (e-mail) or
social media interactions, anywhere on the
Rollsign Gallery website, including areas outside of the Transit Store, without any or
any further compensation to the buyer or supplier of the media. Where possible, credit will still be given to the buyer or supplier
of the media, and accompany the posted media in its information caption.
9 b. The "Terms of Sales" listed herein DO NOT apply to ad listings on eBay. Those respective external websites' "Terms of Use"
take precedence. Specific instructions and terms for each listing offered on eBay sales will be included with each item's listing.